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Tractile Features

Next generation roofing technology

Tractile is a strong and lightweight roof that is certified for extreme winds, hailstorms and wildfires. It also generates electricity and heated water using the innovative integrated Tractile solar tiles.

Your Tractile roofing solutions

Tractile Roof

Tractile Premium Roof

Our award winning Tractile roof, designed for extreme conditions.

Tractile Solar Roof

Tractile home design showing solar tiles, battery storage and electric vehicle and the electrical grid

The high performing Tractile roof tiles with integrated solar tiles to power your household.


Tractile Solar Roof plus Thermal

Tractile home design showing solar tiles, battery storage, hot water storage electric vehicle, pool heating, hydronic floor heating and electricity grid

Take your household energy savings to the next level by unlocking integrating solar heated water with a heat exchanger.

Tractile Roof Merewether NSW

Living next to a golf course, Tractile protects my home from stray golf balls. My previous terracotta roof tiles would crack and I would get water leaks. After years of torment I now have peace of mind thanks to Tractile.

Elaine from Merewether – Read more about Elaine’s Tractile roof

Tractile roof tiles

Multi award-winning design

Tractile combines a strong, secure and lightweight roofing material with the added benefit of being able to add integrated solar tiles that can produce solar power and solar heated water for your home. 

This means a significantly stronger and longer lasting roof with the aesthetic appeal of removing solar panels and solar hot water systems from your roofline.

Tractile Roof Tile

Tractile Roof Tile

The interlocking tile system secures tiles from storms and pests. Tractile is certified to withstand extreme winds. 

Tractile is made from a fibreglass composite making it hail proof, bushfire proof and non-corrosive, perfect for any location, even golf courses!


Tractile is certified to withstand winds up to 103mp/h.


Tractile withstands extreme heat and fire, making it suitable for wildfire and desert conditions.

Hail proof

Tractile withstands 2.6inch hail stones and resistant to golf balls.


Tractile will not rust and is designed to withstand the corrosive effects of coastal living.


The Tractile composite material is designed to repel snow, ice and mould build up.

Tractile Solar Tile

Tractile Solar Tile with built in heated water channels.

Solar hot water integrated into the tile. The water also reduces heat maximising the energy performance of the tile. 

Solar cells are 12% more energy efficient than regular solar panels.


Tractile integrates solar energy production into your roofline significantly improving your home's street appeal.

Embedded Insulation Properties

Tractile solar tiles have more than double the insulation of concrete tiles or metal roofing, further reducing your energy costs.

Compatible with battery solutions

Tractile will connect to any battery solution to achieve off-grid living.

Unlock Solar Thermal

Our award-winning patented design pairs a heat exchanger with our solar tiles to increase power capability and create heated water.

Superior solar perfomance

With solar thermal enabled, Tractile solar tiles produce more power than traditional solar panels.

Integrated Solar Heated Water

With solar thermal enabled, Tractile solar tiles create solar heated water for the home, pool, spa or hydronic underfloor heating.

90 degree roof pitch

Versatile design options

Suitable for most roof types

Designed for roofs with pitches from 2/12 - wall.

Supports skylights

Skylights can be used with a Tractile roof.

Wide Choice of colours

Tractile can come in any colour you require. Delivery times may differ for certain colour choices.

Easy to install

Light weight

Tractile is 25% the weight of concrete tiles and equal to the weight of metal roofing with solar panels in place.

Simple installation

Tractile roof tiles are installed via a simple interlocking hook and batten system, meaning they are easier to install than traditional roofs.

High load weighting

Able to withstand 550lbs point load. A single tile can support two tradespeople including their tool boxes, improving safety.

Tractile Roof Installation

Our popular roofing packages

With Tractile you can create a fully customisable solution for your home considering your current and future energy needs. While every roof is different, many people opt for one of our base packages, each with their own optional extras and upgrades.

Tractile Roof

Pure Durability

A Tractile premium quality roof designed and built for extreme conditions.


What's included

Tractile Solar


An integrated solar roof generating electricity to power an average 4 person home.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Plus


Solar energy production with electrical energy storage to power the home or electric vehicles day and night.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Ultimate

10kWp – 20kWp

Generate and store both electrical and thermal energy (heated water) to sustainably power and heat a large home, including pools, spas and floor heating.


What's included

Get a Tractile roof for your home

To find out more about getting a Tractile roof on your home, including a quote, speak to our team. We are experts in roofing and building integrated solar technology.

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Tractile, protecting and powering homes across Australia

Sustainability and Security Guaranteed

30 year warranty

We provide a 30 year warranty on Tractile roof tiles.
*Terms & Conditions Apply

Secure roof tiles

Interlocking system prevents tiles unwanted entry from pests such as possums, rodents and thieves.


Generates 4.5 times less CO2 during manufacture than concrete or steel roofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The returns from investing in a Tractile Solar Roof comprise both quantitative and qualitative returns. Quantitative returns are most directly impacted by factors including system size and cost, rebates and incentives, financing terms, and cost of alternate energy. Qualitative returns deliver value, such as: energy independence and being able to live off-grid, safety in extreme weather events, enjoyment of the look and feel of the home, less maintenance, and future resale value. Good design will maximise the financial returns.

As a guide, for a typical house the savings on energy costs alone provide payback periods of 5-7 years for residential properties generating power for domestic consumption (no feedback to grid) and 3-4 years for residential properties generating power for domestic consumption and to charge an electric car.

After the payback period is complete the Tractile Solar Roof provides free energy.

Integrating photovoltaics into the roof tile delivers an improved look of the roof, and also delivers a number of functional benefits:

  • Increasing the electricity produced by the photovoltaic modules – the cooling effect reduces thermal resistance.
  • Cooling the photovoltaic cells reduces degradation – reducing long-term heat exposure results in longer lasting efficiency.
  • Increase overall energy efficiency – Photovoltaic cells are generally 20% efficient, so rather than waste the remaining 80% we use the thermal to harvest more of this energy, increasing efficiency per square metre.
  • Energy storage – Heated water is a store of energy and in a typical household around 40% of energy consumption is used to heat water.
  • Insulation – Reducing heat load on the house as heat is captured in the skin of the building and piped away so less air conditioning is needed for cooling.

Tractile is offered with several different coatings options to meet the requirements and/or requests of customers. All coatings are considered safe. At this time if rainwater from the roof is intended to be collected for drinking water, we recommend DULUX paints who provide several paint systems formulated for potable drinking water. 

Maintenance is kept to a minimum as a Tractile roof is resistant to corrosion from salt spray and air pollution. As with any photovoltaic surface, if you live in dry and dusty areas you may want to rinse the solar tiles occasionally to improve their performance.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPV-T) is an emerging and innovative solution to maximise the functionality of your building, to not only protect the home from the elements but also harvest renewable energy.

Other solar roof tiles can suffer from overheating which reduces performance. Tractile solar roof tiles pipe water through the system to increase the electricity output and heat household water in the process. This has the added effect of better insulating the home than other common roofing materials.

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