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Making a roof, golf ball proof

Elaine's roof is in the firing line from the local golf course. She needed a tough and robust solution that looks great.
Golf Ball Proof Roof in Merewether, NSW
Living alongside a golf course has its pros and cons. For Elaine, one too many wayward golf balls had left her Merewether home with more than a few broken tiles over the years.

Two to three times a week, my house is hit by golf balls.

While the golf course would repair her roof each time, it was often not until it rained that Elaine knew she even had a problem. By then, it is too late as the water had yet again penetrated another corner of her home.

That’s when Elaine discovered Tractile.

Elaine was seeking an alternative material to her brittle concrete tiles, however metal roofing didn’t match the brick aesthetic of her home. Elaine also has a low-pitch roof and wanted something that would stand up to the 2-3 golf balls hitting her roof each week.

Tractile ticked all the boxes. Made from fibreglass resin, Tractile Eclipse Roof Tiles are lightweight, extremely durable and non-corrosive. This means it can easily withstand 300kph golf balls and is also hail proof. It is designed to be used on low-pitched roofs (down to 5 degrees) and has a sleek yet solid look of slate shingles.

While Elaine didn’t want to invest in the Tractile solar integrated tiles just yet, she only needs to order them in should she wish to harness solar energy in the future. The Tractile Eclipse solar tiles integrate seamlessly into the rest of the Tractile roofing system.

After sizing her system, Tractile’s roofing local roof installer, Combined Roofing, removed Elaine roof and installed the Tractile roof in a matter of days.

I can’t imagine they could have installed the roof any quicker.

Elaine now can sleep soundly knowing that any golf balls hitting her roof will not result in annoying leaks from appearing next time it rains. Instead, Elaine is only interrupted by her neighbours telling her how good her new roof looks.

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