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Tractile Design Options

Designing with Tractile combines traditional roof design with considerations for solar PV performance and heated water.

It can be configured to fit a wide range of roofing designs, pitches and orientations. It is also compatible with all the major inverters, battery storage systems and heat exchangers.

Roof design options.

Suitable roof styles

Tractile is suitable for any roof style and can be used on roof pitches from 2/12 to wall. For lower roof pitches, please consult with a Tractile specialist. 

Solar tiles are placed together in an array. Multiple arrays can be placed on one roof to maximise solar exposure. 

Open gable roof

Open gable

Hip and Valley Roof

Roof hip & valley

Butterfly roof design


Skillion Lean-to roof

Skillion and Lean-to

Open gable roof with dormer window

Open gable & dormer

gambrel roof


Mansard Roof


Gazebo roof design


Roof pitch & orientation

In America, the recommended roof pitch for ideal solar performance is approximately 6/12 (depending upon latitude).

Systems can also be split to face east to capture more energy in the morning and west to capture more energy in the afternoon.

When designing with any photovoltaic materials, consideration is required for localised factors that may impact performance. We can help you assess the impacts of your specific latitude, shade cover, prevailing winds, roof pitch or aspect to ensure your Tractile roof can fully harness your required energy needs.

Solar Power Roof Orientation and tilt angle performance guide for Sydney Australia

Colour options

We recommend using Monument dark grey as the best matching tile colour to blend with Tractile solar tiles.

However, customised colours for non-solar tiles are available upon request.

Inserting skylights

Small skylights less than 15inches can be installed directly by cutting through Tractile and fitting between battens.

Large skylights greater than 15inches are installed as per supplier instructions and Tractile parts are cut to fit around the skylight with flashings used to waterproof.

Inverter & battery options

Tractile can be connected to the household energy supply via most popular brands of inverters.

Similarly, Tractile is compatible with all popular home battery brands.

Your inverters and batteries can be supplied by Tractile as part of your roof installation.

Heat exchanger options

A heat exchanger, while not essential, can significantly enhance the performance of your Tractile roof.

A heat exchanger allows you to capture heated water from the roof and transfer this heat to your household water supply, pool or underfloor heating.

A heat exchanger also transfers heat away from the solar tiles enabling higher solar electricity production and also acts to insulate the home. 

Sustainability and Security Guaranteed

30 year warranty

We provide a 30 year warranty for Tractile roof tiles.

Secure roof tiles

Interlocking system prevents tiles from being lifted externally by thieves, possums and rodents.


Generates 4.5 times less CO2 during manufacture than concrete or steel roofing.

Adding a Tractile roof to your home.

New home builders

Specifying Tractile for your new Build

Choosing Tractile for a new build adds the latest roofing technology to your home.

With a 30-year warranty, Tractile provides a robust roof with the option of integrated solar energy and heated water production.

Tractile is a versatile, easy to install roof solution suitable for most roof types. Tractile is also compatible with modern home energy systems such as heat exchangers, batteries and car chargers to future proof your roof and enable a modern yet sustainable lifestyle.

New home under construction with architect
Tractile Roof in Sylvania NSW

Replace your roof with Tractile

Renovations & Extensions

Replacing your roof with Tractile provides your home with the most innovative roofing solution in the market. Tractile adapts to most roof types. With modern materials and a secure fixing system ensures Tractile is extreme wind certified, hail proof and non-corrosive along with being suitable for bushfire prone regions.

Tractile’s unique and optional integrated solar and heated water adds significant capability to your home enabling modern household services such as pool heating, underfloor heating, car charging and batteries. It also avoids the need to attach solar panels above your roofline.

Our popular roofing packages.

With Tractile you can create a fully customisable solution for your home considering your current and future energy needs. While every roof is different, many people opt for one of our base packages, each with their own optional extras and upgrades.

Tractile Roof

Pure Durability

A Tractile premium quality roof designed and built for Australian conditions.


What's included

Tractile Solar


An integrated solar roof generating electricity to power an average 4 person home.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Plus


Solar energy production with electrical energy storage to power the home or electric vehicles day and night.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Ultimate

10kWp – 20kWp

Generate and store both electrical and thermal energy (heated water) to sustainably power and heat a large home, including pools, spas and floor heating.


What's included

Get a Tractile roof for your home

To find out more about getting a Tractile roof on your home, including a quote, speak to our team. We are experts in roofing and building integrated solar technology.

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