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Tractile, the future of home roof design, here today.

Adding Tractile to your upgrade options will give you the edge.

Proudly Australian, Tractile is revolutionary roof upgrade suitable for any home. With superior performance across extreme winds, hailstones and bushfires, it also enables the option of sustainable living by including integrated solar tiles which produce both solar energy and heated water.

Robust and Durable Roof

Suitable for any environment, Tractile is extreme wind and bushfire certified along with being corrosion resistant and can withstand 65 mm hailstones and golf balls.

SEAMlessly Integrated Solar

Tractile integrates into the roof line greatly increasing street appeal and when solar panels are not permitted by building restrictions.

Integrated Solar Heated Water

Unique to Tractile, solar tiles create solar heated water for use in the home, while at the same time cooling the solar cells, which helps to maximise electricity output.

A Sustainable Win for your Development

Along with creating renewable energy for the planet, the manufacture of Tractile uses 4.5 times less CO2 than concrete tiles or metal roofing.

Award-Winning Australian Innovation

The winner of both Australian and international design awards, Tractile is a leader in the Building Integrated Photovoltaic industry.

Easy to install

The large format tiles along with the simple hook and batten fixing system allows installation of a Tractile roof possible in 2-3 days.

Tractile Solar Tiles

Meet your customers demands, go above and beyond their expectations.

Consumer demand for solar in Australia is big and still growing. It’s a lifestyle benefit that helps people to do their bit for the environment and make considerable savings to the household bills. Our award winning, innovative integrated solar roof means you can design and build beautiful homes whilst meeting your customers needs. Tractile is the crown that sits on top of any smart home generating power and savings with no ugly solar panels fixed on top of the roof.

Join the shift towards Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

The future of roofing is integrated solar and Tractile has the best technology in this growing sector of the market. If you are looking to differentiate your offering of home packages with the next generation building and roof design, then look no further than Tractile. Find out more about BIPV trends.

On the golf course, into the bush and near the beach.

Tractile is the robust premium roof you can confidently promote to your customers, giving them peace of mind and protection against damage and decay that come with conventional roofing materials.

Proudly an Australian design, Tractile is suitable for any environment. Our roof tile is corrosion resistant, bushfire rated (BAL-40), withstands extreme winds and 65mm hailstones plus high speed golf balls.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tractile solar tile, this high performance combination will be a significant point of difference to a home building upgrade package.

Tractile Roof Tiles

Stronger than concrete tiles and metal roofing.

Our hammer test compares the impact resistance of Tractile when compared with concrete tiles or metal roofing. Hailstones and golf balls are no match for Tractile.

Concrete tiles
Metal roofing

Discover more about Tractile

Our home builder packages

We have created 4 of our most popular configurations with individual upgrade options depending on your customers needs. Alternatively, a completely custom solution can be created with scalable add-ons to meet the energy needs of each home now and in the future.

Tractile Roof

Pure Australian Durability

A Tractile premium quality roof designed and built for Australian conditions.


What's included

Tractile Solar


An integrated solar roof generating electricity to power an average 4 person home.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Plus


Solar energy production with electrical energy storage to power the home or electric vehicles day and night.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Ultimate

10kWp – 20kWp

Generate and store both electrical and thermal energy (heated water) to sustainably power and heat a large home, including pools, spas and floor heating.


What's included

Add Tractile to your home package options

To find out more about getting a Tractile roof on your home, including a quote, speak to our team. We are experts in roofing and building integrated solar technology.

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Tractile, protecting and powering homes across Australia

Sustainability and Security Guaranteed

30 year warranty

We provide a 30 year warranty on Tractile roof tiles.

Secure roof tiles

Interlocking system prevents tiles from being lifted externally by thieves, possums and rodents.


Generates 4.5 times less CO2 during manufacture than concrete or steel roofing.

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