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Tractile Roof

Power - Performance - Design

Certified for extreme winds (up to 165mp/h).

Withstands wildfires and insulates against severe heat.

Shatter resistance from 2.3 inch hail stones & golf balls.

Tractile solar tiles harvest more energy than PV panels.

Solar heated water integrated directly into solar tiles.


The Premium Roofing Company

Certified for extreme winds up to 266km/h (N5r).

Rated to BAL-40 for use in bushfire prone areas.

Shatter resistance from 65 mm hail stones & golf balls.

Solar tiles generate 12% more electricity than solar panels.

Solar heated water integrated directly into solar tiles.

From the beach

Tractile is resistant to salt corrosion and extreme winds, making it perfect for coastal living.

to the woods

Tractile is wildfire resistant, meaning it is suitable for use in woods and forest areas.

Next-generation roof design

Tractile can withstand extreme winds, hail storms and wildfires and can also generate both electricity and heated water via its innovative integrated solar tile.

Tractile Roof Sylvania NSW
“I just loved the process from beginning to end. Driving up to my home is wonderful. The roof makes it feel so fresh. I couldn’t be happier.

Sustainable living without compromise

Achieve energy independence without affecting your lifestyle or the look of your home. Design your perfect solar roof by combining Tractile roof tiles with our seamlessly integrated solar tiles, for a high-performance solution.

A couple together in a luxury home looking out over Sydney Harbour

Innovative Technology

With our award-winning patented design, our solar tiles generate up to 12% more electricity than regular solar panels, plus heated water, for a combined efficiency of up to 55% per ft, which means you can power more with less or sell excess energy back to the grid.

Award winning design

Designed for extreme conditions, Tractile consists of robust roof tiles and an innovative combined solar thermal tile system which integrate seamlessly together into your roofline.

Tractile Roof Tile

Tractile Roof Tile

Tractile Solar Tile

Tractile Solar Tile with built in heated water channels.

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