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Trac Group produces innovative roof tiles

Jason Perkins with Tractile Roof

Australian company Trac Group Holdings has created a range of roofing products that have the potential to transform the world’s roofing industry.

The Queensland company has spent $3 million over the past eight years researching, developing, patenting and testing its range of range of innovative roofing solutions.

The company is marketing the products under the brand name Tractile.

Trac Group Holdings director Bertio Terpstra said the Tractile was a versatile product providing custom solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

He said Trac Group’s roofing products, which are protected by patents in 28 countries, are manufactured using compound materials and use an innovative hook system to secure it to the building structure.

“The design of the Tractile roofing system means it can withstand 300km/h cyclonic winds, can withstand hail damage, it has the highest bushfire rating possible and it has inbuilt insulation properties for hot and cold climates,’’ he said.

“It also exceptionally light compared with traditional products and compared with traditional roofing products is exceptionally easy to install.”

Mr Terpstra said the Tractile product’s weight meant builders needed fewer materials including fewer roof trusses, batons, screws, nails and sarking to install.

“We are very excited about the prospects for the Tractile range because we are on top of the major trends,’’ he said.

“Around the world demand is growing for lightweight roofing that can meet the desire for low-pitch roofs and integrated solar technologies.

“Regulations around the globe are increasingly promoting the reduction of carbon emissions from buildings and the use of sustainable products in construction.

“We believe the Tractile range will meet the increasing t demand for sustainable, energy-efficient building products.”

The Tractile product range comprises three main ingredients: the Tractile Eclipse roofing system, the Tractile Solar range, and other roofing components.

“The Tractile Eclipse range of composite roof tiles is designed for residential and non- residential construction including new builds and renovations,’’ said Mr Terpstra.

“The focus is on design, sustainability, and the ability to withstand extreme weather events.

“The Company’s composite roof tiles are large format, lightweight, high strength, flat profile tile, and can be painted any colour.”

The Tractile Solar Roof Tiles transform the humble roof tile into a product that can produce solar hot water and electricity.

“Essentially these products are specially designed roof tiles that integrate into the roof structure to produce solar power, solar hot water, or both,” said Mr Terpstra.

“These utilise Roof Integrated Photo-Voltaic (PV) and Thermal (RIPV-T) components.”

The Tractile products have already received substantial international recognition, having won numerous awards.

Some of the awards the company has won include the JEC Asia Award for Innovation in Energy, the 2013 Queensland Premier’s Sustainability Award for Innovation in Sustainable Technologies and Australian International Design Awards for Sustainability; and Hardware and Building products.

The company now manufactures and distributes in Australia and Malaysia and the company has immediate plans to expand into the Middle East, South-East Asia, North America, China, and Europe.

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