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Tile Maker’s Bright Solar Idea Look Set To Go Through The Roof

Jason Perkins with Tractile Roof

A GOLD Coast company is set to be one of the biggest benefactors from renewable technology. Southport-based B-Pods has created a roof tile that could replace solar panels and solar hot water systems around the world. Key to the Tractile Solar Energy Roof Tile technology are the water pipes located under the tiles, which make the system more efficient and provide the household with hot water without requiring a separate solar hot water system. The company also has plans to link the system to solar air-conditioning to drop power bills further.

B-Pods chief executive officer Jason Perkins said the company, which had been working on the idea since 2006, hoped to have the product ready for sale early next year. “Our patents have no been granted (for Australia),” he said. “No one has done roof tiles and water together but there are a few companies around just looking at solar roof tiles.”

The company also has patents for China, South Africa and New Zealand and is waiting for them to be finalised in 25 other countries.

Preliminary pricing indicated buyers could install the Tractile system for the same price as people are paying now just for solar panels.

By Mr. Perkins said the improved look of the system would probably be a bigger selling point for the company. “Solar panels are really ugly and people want to have pretty roofs” he said. “There have been cases of people having solar panels stolen recently, too, and these will be safe and secure.”

Artcile Written by Lucy Ardern

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