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Builder backs Tractile roofing

Tractile on Hunters Hill Pool house

Builder Ash Seaton, who is a project manager at a growing commercial construction company, knows his building products.

The Sydney-based builder works with Nexbuild completing construction projects for the likes of major retailers including Woolworths, Big W, Master’s Home Improvement and Spotlight.

But it was a luxury residential project in Hunters Hills that led Mr Seaton to try an innovative new roofing product

Mr Seaton said it had been difficult to find an attractive-looking roofing for the site and one that could cope with an 8 degree pitch.

“The client’s original desire was for copper roofing but the cost was simply too much,’’ said Mr Seaton.

“We then looked at a range of different options including slate tiles and we really couldn’t find a product that could cope with the 8 degree pitch.

“I think I found the Tractile product on Google and they were happy to come inspect the site and to talk to us.

“It really is amazing technology and I think there is big potential for it as more and more people try to maximise the height of their homes.

“There is no other product that I know in the market place that can cope with an 8 degree pitch other than Colourbond.”

Mr Seaton said he not only would use the product again but he would also recommend it other builders.

“I wasn’t involved in the installation of the roof but I watch them do it. It’s so simple. It’s just a hook and batten interlock system,’’ he said.

“The finished product looks exactly like a tiled roof and we had absolutely no problems waterproofing. I was up on the roof with a hose and there was still nothing coming through.”

Tractile Roofing is manufactured by award-winning roofing company Trac Group Holdings.

Trac Group Holding managing director Jason Perkins said the Hunter’s Hill installation progressed very smoothly.

“We have spent eight years developing this product and we are now ramping up to roll it out across Australia and internationally,’’ he said.

Mr Perkins said the company had made significant gains with its push to commercialise its award-winning building products.

“Internationally, the interest in our products is growing stronger every day because of the environmental, financial and aesthetic benefits the products provide.

“We have developed a world-beating technology product and we are now working to secure relationships with distribution partners throughout the world.”

The company manufactures and distributes in Australia and Malaysia and the company has immediate plans to expand into the Middle East, South-East Asia, North America, China, and Europe.

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